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Marketing Mix Modeling Partner to the Retail Industry

How to navigate the numbers. And the road ahead.
Growth Opportunities

The key facts about marketing spend, sales & ROI translated into a plan to drive sales growth. A plan that addresses questions of investment level, mix and divisional allocation.

A Roadmap for Success

Recommendations of what to change and how to make it happen. What to pursue first and how fast to move. How to build organizational momentum and how to accelerate efforts.

An Online Command Center
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What the C-suite needs to know about marketing investment and sales performance at a glance with drill down detail. Plus predictive tools to guide that next move.

Broader Retail Perspective

Compare your ROI to relevant retail norms via HRGPUMTM, the industry’s richest benchmark database reflecting more than a quarter of a century of experience. Plus guidance for media you’ve yet to try. Or spend levels you’ve yet to see.

Quarterly Comp Growth Drivers

Know why same stores sales are up this quarter. Growth due to media, as well as other key marketing efforts and operational changes. And the headwinds/tailwinds due to the economy, weather and competition.

Lasting CMO Partnerships

Quarterly stakeholder meetings to present results and recommendations. Plus anytime access to a team that knows your business inside and out and remains by your side. Year after year. Quarter after quarter.