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Marketing Mix Modeling Partner to the Retail Industry

Change that creates competitive advantage.
More Efficient Marketing

ROIHow? Mix decisions driven by ROI rather than historical precedent. Or gut. Or what the competition is doing. Divisional allocations driven by efficiency rather than sales percentages. Spend levels driven by in-market response rather than conjecture.

Faster Rate of Change

Tens of millions of dollars shifted annually from less efficient media to more efficient media. Manageable shifts that are executed, evaluated and extended with each passing quarter. Minimizing risk, maximizing impact.

Incremental Investment

marketing spendingThe evidence needed to not just protect the marketing budget but help grow it. Demonstrable sales impact. Check. An understanding of what that next million will deliver. Check. Proof that past changes have delivered expected gains. Check.

Profitable Comp Growth

sales changePut it all together and you have a powerful engine for driving comp growth and offsetting competitive challenge. This quarter. And all the quarters to follow.